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S & H Investigative Services, Inc.

S & H Investigative Services, Inc. has been doing investigations in the private sector for the past 40 years for a wide variety of clients, including individuals, lawyers, small businesses, and large corporations. When you hire S&H you are hiring career investigators, not security guards. We are educated, trained, well prepared, and we will make a good impression on your client or on a jury.

And this we promise: We will complete your assignment promptly, and at the price quoted.

We’ll be here when you need us. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether its locating witnesses, photographing accident scenes or scars, or performing rush surveillance's, your emergency is something we can handle. We’ll be here when you need us to testify. We’ve been in business nearly 40 years (as opposed to an industry average of five). We’ll still be here when your case comes to trial.

Our network of investigative associates is literally worldwide; our membership in local, national, and international organizations gives us access to hundreds of sources of information. It also allows us to participate in inter-organizational resources and projects.

We do all this for one reason; to get our clients what they need, when they need it. Answers to your questions. Solutions to your problems. We find the missing pieces.

Pictured: John Slagowski with Forensic Scientist Dr. Henry Lee

Pictured: John Slagowski with Forensic Scientist Dr. Henry Lee

Because You Need To Know …

Fact: False, fraudulent, or inflated insurance claims cost insurance carriers and policy-holders hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Solution: An S&H Investigative Services, Inc. investigation into a suspicious theft claim that was followed by a fire at the same location led to the arrest and conviction of a drug dealer living in the dwelling, as well as the arrest and conviction of the arsonist. It also saved our client $200,000.

Fact: Up to thirty-nine percent of employees steal from their employers.

Solution: A homeowner called to complain that valuables were missing after a cleaning service had been to her house. S&H investigated at the request of the business owner, and we discovered that one of the employees had stolen the items. We also were able to the locate items afterward. Savings to the client: a good reputation and a future customer.

Fact: There are thousands of cases in litigation right now that could be settled at once if all the facts and witnesses were available to the attorneys involved.

Solution: An employee was suing for over $70,000 in disability benefits. After S&H surveillance and investigation revealed his performing activities inconsistent with his “disability,” he dropped his suit. A counteraction resulted in the return of benefits paid to him previously

Fact: When you’re looking for someone, no one else will do.

Solution: S&H Investigative Services, Inc. was contacted by a woman who had not seen her sister since childhood. Using careful follow-through on even the smallest leads, S&H was able to locate the lost sister quickly and inexpensively. The two were happily reunited within a week.

All of our investigators are highly trained in all aspects of investigation techniques.

Pictured: John Slagowski with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Badden

Pictured: John Slagowski with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Badden