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Work with S&H Investigative Services, a private investigator based in Newark, DE.

Do you want to find answers to your most pressing questions? Enlist the help of a professional private investigator to confirm or debunk your suspicions. S&H Investigative Services can conduct all types of investigations. Although we’re based in Newark, Delaware, we can work anywhere in the world. Call 302-999-9911 for a free phone consultation.

Learn more about our investigative services

Learn more about our investigative services

Do you want to check in on an unresponsive relative? Are you searching for answers in your court case before litigation begins? Call S&H Investigative Services right away. Here’s a full list of our investigative services:

  • Marital investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Online investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Pre-litigation investigations
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Employment verification
  • Undercover operations
  • Secret shopper investigations
  • GPS tracking
  • Insurance investigations
  • Activity checks
  • Surveillance
Need assistance with something that isn’t listed here? Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.